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Everything Happens For A Reason

I’m a HUGE believer in “Everything happens for a reason.” The good, the bad, the ugly, I think there is always a reason for it. It has always been so true to my life and while sometimes I can’t see the reason, when I reflect, the saying “Everything happens for a reason” seems to be an instant thought afterward. Personally, I’d think of myself as a square. Trouble always frightened me and I did my best to impress. I guess I’m still that way. I’m an only child, raised by a single mother and never met my dad.

Currently I work with a bunch of hard working, dedicated dads here at Fathers Building Futures. We are a nationally-recognized economic development initiative for formerly incarcerated fathers who are committed to financial stability for their families through developing their personal and professional potential. They are Dads who are trying to support their families and work towards a positive lifestyle. Some of them are unbelievably artistic and crafty; some of them are intimidating at first glance, but so kindhearted, and genuine. They love their kids, and struggle like so many parents do. I myself am not a Mom, but watching these guys strive to be there for their kids, and families is a really neat thing to watch. Yes, we are a business that has Auto Detail, Freight and Delivery, Mobile Power Washing and Custom Woodworking, but watching these relationships from the outside makes me reflect, and then there is that phrase again “Everything happens for a reason.”

I love each of our services here at Fathers Building Futures. They all have something so unique and special about them and the guys working in those services. We are unlike so many other businesses out there and no one else does what we do here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our vision here is that all parents coming home from incarceration have a path to experience true freedom while achieving their personal and professional promise. That is absolutely what we do here and the heart and soul of these guys and our shop. The really cool thing is, in our woodshop, these guys who have been through some hard times, are handcrafting wood items to go into YOUR house! Things like Cutting boards, Lazy Suzan’s, and keepsake boxes all for you to purchase with some of the most inspiring back stories of the men who made them. See! Unlike. Any. Other. Business.

So check out our stuff, and keep coming back for updates!

Over and out, Krystyna-Communications and Special Events Coordinator

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