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2017 A Year in Review

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Customers, and Community Partners:

It is with tremendous gratitude and pride that we submit our CY2017 Annual Report. Through community support, Fathers Building Futures has been able to develop into its own 501 C-3, and become the ONLY social enterprise managed by and for formerly incarcerated parents. Below is a list of our accomplishments towards each of the 2017 goals. 


Goal #1: Successfully transition to a healthy independent 501 c-3--COMPLETED

Fathers Building Futures grew out of its parent organization – PB&J Family Services and received its 501c-3 certification letter from the IRS in February 2017, becoming its own non-profit organization.

  • FBF has its own Board of Directors, Finance team, and a small cohort of social workers assisting with training, financial education including bank accounts, payday loan repayment and job placement for every graduate of the FBF program
  • Fathers Building Futures was one of 12 ventures across the country that was accepted in the Civic X Civic Accelerator program through the Points of Light Foundation. FBF was selected to be part of the cohort of ventures representing various sectors and solutions to improve access to jobs through 21stcentury education models, innovative training programs and on-ramps to higher education and career advancement for non-traditional employees, such as returning citizens. Through accelerator and deep dive discovery process, we are working to scale our programming through coaching and peer review.
  • We are working to become less dependent on grant funding to working toward earned revenue generation through our business units. FBF’s sales and revenue is expected to reach close to $250,000 by 12/31/17 and achieve its goal of generating 33% of its annual revenue through products and services. 
  • Media coverage included two morning shows and two newspaper articles, including a frontpage article in Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal (7/31/2017), “Endings and Renewals: Formerly incarcerated men find rewards building kosher caskets, an increasingly popular burial option.” The article was reprinted in the US News and World Report, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Jerusalem Report in Israel.

Goal #2: Ensure Safety is paramount – Design & Implement model Safety Training Program--INITIAL WORK COMPLETED and continues.

A prison reentry program that is centered around a woodshop shop, on-site and mobile detail department, and a small fleet of trucks and vehicles has potential liability. 

  • No serious accidents or injuries took place and 0 violent incidents between clients. Trainings for each equipment is a part of the program, with ongoing assessments and safety checks. Fathers Building Futures developed a Safety Program with procedures that is incorporated in to daily operation and used as part of the training program.
  • Albuquerque Police were invited in for a training on de-escalation tactics to be used when a client (past or current) or customer is triggered from drugs or mental illness.
  • FBF offers CPR, First Aid and ten hours of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA 10) to all clients. Two (2) members of the team have been sent to Train the Trainer for CPR/First Aid and all CPR/First Aid is provided internally as of December 2017.

Goal #3: Permanent employment for 10-12 formerly incarcerated parents--CONTINUOUS.

The model of Fathers Building Futures is to provide 6-months of job training to clients who are recently released and reunifying with their families.  The mentors and supervisors have been hired as permanent employees and are provided with additional management training to serve as leads in each of the department, supervisors and mentors to the clients rotating through.  Below is our team who are all parents, formerly incarcerated and mentors:

  • Joseph Shaw, Operations Manager
  • Ada Garay, Office Manager (bookkeeper)
  • Richard Webb, Woodshop Master Craftsman
  • Ere Maldanado, Mobile Power Washing Lead
  • Robert Gilbert, Freight & Delivery Supervisor
  • Kevin Fitts, Freight & Delivery Driver
  • Cathy Fitzgerald, Administrative Assistant & Social Work Intern
  • Adrian Casaus, Workstudy Student
  • Four (6) members left our permanent team: 3 left for jobs paying ~$40K annually and 3 left and continue to struggle with addiction. None have been re-incarcerated.

In addition to the permanent team, FBF is supported by the following:

  • Emet Ma’ayan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • Dara Romero, HR & Marketing Consultant
  • Jesse Kalapa, Business Development & Distribution Consultant
  • Susan Myers, Part-time Driver
  • Social Work Interns: Vanessa Peer & Chris Moffatt

Goal #4:  Formalize FBF’s Training Program and train 25+ formerly incarcerated parents (of which 80% will be successfully employed, housed, demonstrate improved financial, emotional and familial stability)--CONTINUOUS.

  • In 2017, twenty-six (26) clients have participated in FBF’s Job Training Program, of which thirteen (13) obtained jobs and are working in the community, an additional two (2) were hired as part of our permanent team, nine (9) remain are current clients who are on target to complete the program in 2018, of which two (2) are scheduled to interview and be hired for positions in early 2018. Two (2) dropped out and continue to struggle with their addiction and one (1) of those who struggle has been re-incarcerated.
  • With the support of Wells Fargo, and in collaboration with WESST, two (2)clients have been enrolled in FBF’s Payday Loan Repayment Program which pays off their payday loan debt and replaces it with a loan to FBF with 10% interest (vs. the 155% they were previously paying) and includes 20 hours of financial education and supports.
  • FBF’s Money Club curriculum is a 10-week program of financial education and coaching that includes emotional spending, debt reduction and savings plans and has been completed by 13 parents and began to save their $1,000 which will be matched 1:4 ($5,000 total) toward a home. The matching funds are provided through a Federal program and managed locally by Prosperity Works and WESST Enterprises.  6 past participants from FBF’s Money Club have either closed on their home purchases or have been approved for purchase this year.

Goal #5: Broaden the reach of Woodshop, Mobile, F & D so that sales/service revenue is at least 1/3 of the operating budget

Fathers Building Futures’ aim is to increase revenue from its social enterprise and be fully sustainable within 5 years.

  • The Woodshop was honored at the local New Mexico Arts & Crafts Festival and took a risk to be a vendor at the New Mexico Balloon Fiesta, but it’s greatest success has been with its Casket line, particularly the Kosher Caskets designed for the Jewish community. The Woodshop’s Casket & Urn production earned a contract from French Funerals’ (5) locations in Albuquerque whereby French’s Kosher Caskets is solely being provided by FBF with the commitment of 50-70 caskets in 2018. Fathers Building Futures received media attention from the Jewish community and Jewish press on the Kosher caskets and participation in a local Death & Dying Conference, which brought the attention of national casket distributor, Aurora-Matthews who visited twice and pledged their commitment to coach on key areas and assist with the production’s scalability. The Woodshop is ending 2017 with the largest potential for the coming year.
    • Woodshop Revenue (January through November, 2017): $30,900
  • The Auto Detail program is held onsite and provides the setting for the initial training of soft skills such as keeping a schedule, following directions, working with a team, and FBF’s customers are primarily members from the community and one used-car dealership. The program operates at a break-even point and is under review.
    • Auto Detail Revenue (January through November, 2017): $20,008
  • The Mobile Power Washing Program had earned contracts from the City of Albuquerque to wash its Garbage Trucks, PNM (utility company) fleet and is the second tier of training for those who begin in Auto Detail. Work is offsite and requires more autonomy, schedule commitments that include evenings and Saturdays, and effective communication with supervisors.
    • Mobile Power Washing Revenue (January through November, 2017): $81,672
  • Freight & Delivery provides drivers for three (3) local food bank programs, providing meals around the state while providing job training for new drivers who received their CDL (commercial truck diving license) through Fathers Building Futures. In September 2017,        FBF hired a business developer to open channels of distribution which has been successful. Freight & Delivery is now providing distribution for local Salsa, Water and Energy Drink companies that extend to more than 25 local supermarkets with plans to continue expansion in 2018.
    • Freight & Delivery Revenue (January through November, 2017): $78,111

Goal #6: Increase civil engagement with local leaders educating them on the barriers of incarceration, in order, to work collaboratively toward solutions--CONTINUOUS.

Educating local and political leaders on the barriers after incarceration including job and housing applications continues. 

  • FBF Presented to the NM Legislative Courts, Corrections and Justice Committee on the barriers of incarceration, including job and housing applications that use criminal background as a screening tool with positive feedback;
  • FBF is working with the Policy Director of NM Child Support Enforcement Office to prepare 2019 legislation which would challenge the current procedures whereby incarcerated parents are not able to pay child support and as a result leave with tens of thousands of unpaid child support which impacts not being able to obtain a drivers license, other professional licenses and whereby post-incarceration they carry tens of thousands of dollars of debt in unpaid fees. Advocacy efforts include a change to a mandatory 50% of prison earnings be sent to child support. 

Goal #7: Develop the vision for Mothers Building Futures--STARTING IN 2018

Fathers Building Futures’ mission targets “parents and families experiencing barriers from incarceration….) which, despite the name, intentionally makes room for expanding to mothers.  Fathers Building Futures collaborated with the NM Corrections Department, Women’s Recovery Program and Crossroads for Women who are all have mothers waiting to be included in FBF’s Job Training program.  FBF worked with these partners to apply for funding through the Department of Justice which was denied.  FBF will continue to work with its collaborators to find funding to pay the wages and training to expand beyond its current pool of fatherhood clients. 

If you would like to take a tour at our Fathers Building Futures facility, please contact us at (505) 341-9034.

We couldn’t do it without you!!!

Emet Ma’ayan, LCSW                                                 
Fathers Building Futures, Co-Founder

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