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So Fresh and Clean – behind the scenes with Auto Detail

albuquerque auto detail fathers fathers building futures nonprofit social enterprise

On any given day, you’ll find a handful of dads working to make Albuquerque residents’ cars shine. For most of the participants, this is the first department they work in at Fathers Building Futures. It’s hard work and the weather definitely is a factor—the summer heat, the winter cold and the rain, which puts the work to a halt—but it’s a great way to learn both technical and soft skills that helps participants build a strong work ethic. Leading our Auto Detail team is George Sandoval. George started under the fatherhood program with PB&J in 2014. He then became as...

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On the Road with Freight and Delivery

According to Feeding America, did you know that 1 in 6 people struggles with hunger in New Mexico? However, did you also know that Fathers Building Futures is part of the solution in getting food to those in need? Through our partnerships with Roadrunner Food Bank and Rio Grande Food Project, we are picking up and delivering food throughout the city and state, logging over 50,000 miles this past year. Leading our team is Robert Gilbert, Freight and Delivery Supervisor. Robert, a father of 4 beautiful children, joined the Fatherhood Program within PB&J Family Services based on a referral. He had...

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Everything Happens For A Reason

I’m a HUGE believer in “Everything happens for a reason.” The good, the bad, the ugly, I think there is always a reason for it. It has always been so true to my life and while sometimes I can’t see the reason, when I reflect, the saying “Everything happens for a reason” seems to be an instant thought afterward. Personally, I’d think of myself as a square. Trouble always frightened me and I did my best to impress. I guess I’m still that way. I’m an only child, raised by a single mother and never met my dad. Currently I...

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